How to manage Operators?

Managing operators refers to individuals who are responsible for overseeing and maintaining permission or access rights within a system or organization. Operators have the authority to control and manage user permissions, granting or revoking access as needed. 

Manage Operators:

Effective management of operators ensures proper control and security of permissions, safeguarding sensitive information and resources within the organization.
Please follow these steps to manage operators:


1. Log in to your Orbitos.io account as CEO using your username/email and password

Frame 44 (19)

2. Navigate to the top bar and click on “Operators”

Frame 44 (14)

3. In the operators menu, select the “Operator groups” option

Frame 44 (15)

4. Click on “Add new”

Frame 44 (16)

5. Configure the settings for the new operator group. For example, you can create an operator group for a personal accountant.

Frame 44 (17)

6. After saving, click on “Register operator”

Frame 44 (18)

7. Register account for an operator

After creating the operator, an email will be sent to the operator with a confirmation to create a profile. As the CEO, you can always manage the number of operators and their permissions in the “Operators” menu.

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