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Orbitos features an advanced auto-investing option to enhance your crypto experience. Utilize our recurring buy feature daily, weekly, or monthly to automate your investments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. Set your parameters once, and let the platform manage the rest. Experience the power of small, consistent investments in building a robust crypto portfolio.

orbitos auto investments

Create your own auto invest plan

Orbitos, the leading EU crypto exchange and wallet platform, proudly presents its innovative “Crypto Auto Invest” feature.
Designed for both newcomers and seasoned investors, our auto invest option simplifies the crypto investment journey.

Recurring Buys with Automated Scheduling

With Crypto Auto Invest, users can set up regular, automated investments at their preferred intervals - be it daily, weekly, or monthly. This hands-free approach ensures consistent contributions without the need for manual intervention.

Flexible Budgeting

Whether you're a beginner with a modest budget or a seasoned investor, Crypto Auto Invest caters to all. Set your own contribution limits and adjust them anytime as per your financial goals and comfort level.

Secure and Transparent

Security is paramount at Orbitos. The platform ensures that your automated investments are not only processed securely but also provides transparent transaction records, keeping users informed every step of the way.

orbitos auto investments

Start earning with crypto

Sign up and gain access to Auto invest function! The Auto Invest feature is a game changer for those looking to optimize their investment strategy effortlessly.

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Auto-investing, is a strategy that allows individuals to automatically allocate their funds into various investment vehicles based on pre-defined parameters. You can choose to create a single cryptocurrency auto-invest plan, or create a plan to buy multiple cryptocurrencies in one portfolio.

Orbitos Auto-Invest

You can automate your money decisions by following these easy steps:


1. Log in to your Orbitos.io account using your username/email and password

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2. Navigate to the top bar and click on “Exchange”

Frame 44 (2)

3. In the exchange menu, select the “Auto-Invest” option

Frame 44 (3)

4. Click “Add new”

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5. Select desired options to auto invest, including frequency, investment amount, price condition, target price, and cryptocurrency

Click save and your auto-invest contract will appear in the main menu

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You can always enable or disable the contract by clicking the pencil icon

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