Manage your crypto assets with peace-of-mind.

Orbitos provides a complete range of services that allow you to manage your crypto assets with peace-of-mind.
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Fiat Asset Digitisation

Our asset digitisation service allows you to convert fiat currency to cryptocurrency  for secure storage and transacting. 

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Secure Crypto Storage

Reduce the risks associated with managing your own crypto assets. We provide a crypto custody solution that ensures safe storage of your crypto assets in one location, using premium security solutions.

What are the benefits of crypto custody?


Improved asset liquidity

We provide an institutional-grade solution that brings greater liquidity to your crypto assets. Buy, sell and transfer your holding easily and securely.

Using a smartphone phone, computer, or other devices, it is easy to send and receive a variety of cryptocurrencies.


Ability to recover passwords

Orbitos gives you the ability to recover access to crypto assets if you lost or forgot the password of the account.
We offer security against the risk concerning the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the private keys and their backups.


Improved security

Orbitos is a custodian regulated by the authorities of Lithuania.

Our banking grade security systems ensures that only our customers have access to their assets.

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