Why choose Orbitos?

With the digital asset class on the rise and a promising future ahead for the crypto space, Orbitos was founded to provide simple, efficient, secure, and cost-effective crypto asset management.

Premium security & account recovery

One of the main problems with cryptocurrency assets is that there is simply no way of changing the locks if the key to your crypto holdings is lost or compromised. And let’s be honest, a private key can be very challenging to remember.

That’s why trusting Orbitos with safeguarding your crypto-assets is a far better alternative. We’re able to identify your identity using our system, allowing you to recover your account securely in the event that you lose access.

Transparent digital asset transfers

At Orbitos, our crypto custody ensures transparent traceability of your digital assets. We can generate transactional audit logs for your own personal analysis, tracking all transactional behavior back in time.

Also, Orbitos can enable multi-signature authorization with customizable priority levels for each signature.

Trust and reliability

Investing in digital assets requires absolute trust. That’s why we use sophisticated technology to protect our customers.

We follow and comply with all relevant regulatory requirements to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for businesses and individuals.

We are transforming business and personal finances, in alignment with the next-generation capabilities blockchain offers for trading, investing and transacting.

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