Orbitos Sailing Team

ORBITOS sailing team is taking part in the Lithuanian yacht class competitions. In these competitions, all the teams compete with identical yachts. So the results of races are determined by the skills and not by the technical differences of the yachts.

55th „Kuršių marių“ REGATTA


After a full week of intense racing ORBITOS finished in first place!

According to one of the “Orbitos” team members Martin Volkovicki, the team already knew that they had one foot on the first place podium, so they already felt less tense before the last race. But still, the team tried to do their best.


The windy stage of long-time sailing round VOLFAS ENGELMAN met the sailors with a serious challenge. Even two yachts had some damage during this round. But luckily Orbitos team managed to overcome challenges and finished in the first place!


“Gamtos ateitis” was the longest navigational round. After two exiting rounds, the team is second in the standings. 


07 23, an exciting battle began in the jubilee 55th „Kuršių marių“ Regatta. It was rainy and stormy during the first Klaipėda stage. Our team Orbitos was the first to reach the finish line and won the first round, and is currently leading in the cup standings.
We are proud and wish the best of luck in the upcoming
You can track results here: https://regattas.eu/regatta/2022/kmr


Orbitos finished in first place!

IV round was the most successful race of the PLATU25 Lithuanian cup for the “Orbitos” team. Wind during this regatta was strong but steady, which helped the team achieve high results. After a bit difficult start, “Orbitos” managed to finish first and are now standing in fourth place.

Galvės Taurė 2022

It was a tough sailing weekend in Lithuania Galvės lake. “Galvės taurė 2022” is organized by the Gero Vėjo Klubas and it was one of the largest sailing regattas in Lithuania. This year almost 100 yachts competed in different types of groups.

The fight was tense and changeable, so the competition accompanied various emotions. After three days of the intense race, Orbitos finished in sixth place.

Checkout results: https://lt.regattas.eu/regatta/galvestaure


2022 05 07 Orbitos sailing team participated in their first sailing regata in the PLATU25 Lithuanian Cup.

The weather of the first race was perfect for sailing. The new season surprised with improved and renewed teams. One of them is our “Orbitos” team with Tadas Žižys as a captain. The weather and skills helped to show great results and Orbitos finished in third place.

Best of luck and fair winds!

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