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About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency, also known as cryptocurrency, that operates on a decentralized network called blockchain. It was invented in 2008 by an unknown person or group of people using the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Unlike traditional currencies controlled by governments or banks, Bitcoin offers a peer-to-peer system, meaning transactions happen directly between users without an intermediary.

The value of Bitcoin can fluctuate significantly due to its relatively new status and volatile nature. However, it has gained significant attention and acceptance from businesses and individuals alike. Investing in Bitcoin involves risks, like any other investment, but also presents unique opportunities for potentially high returns. As with any financial decision, being well-informed about the market is crucial before stepping into cryptocurrency trading. Let’s continue to learn more about Bitcoin with us.

Frequently asked questions

You can buy Bitcoin through Orbitos.io, a reliable and user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange platform. After creating an account and quickly verifying it with little steps, you can easily purchase Bitcoin.

Orbitos.io accepts a variety of payment methods for purchasing Bitcoin. These include bank transfers and credit or debit card transactions. The availability of payment methods may depend on your location.

Purchasing Bitcoin through Orbitos.io is secure as we have robust security measures in place to protect users' assets and personal information.

Absolutely, Orbitos.io allows you to buy fractions of a BTC. You can purchase as little as a "Satoshi," which is one hundred millionth of a Bitcoin.

After purchasing Bitcoin on Orbitos.io, you can store it in a digital wallet provided by the platform. However, for added security, especially for larger amounts, you can reach out to our customer support for our crypto custody services.

Absolutely. Orbitos.io supports business accounts that can facilitate Bitcoin transactions. This can be an innovative way to diversify your payment methods, attract a broader customer base, and even reduce transaction costs compared to traditional payment methods.

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