How To Trade Crypto: A Beginner`s Guide

To start trading crypto can seem hard and overwhelming. At the same time, it is a potential and exciting industry. Here are some useful tips for you before diving into trading.

🔸  Pick crypto to invest to

Choosing and understanding different cryptocurrencies is an important step to analyze before starting trading. More than 18,000 cryptocurrencies are in circulation. Most traders allocate the biggest part of their capital to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Although if you are not scared to risk small mid-market cap cryptos offer higher potential. But for the start, it is advisable to start with coins that are popular and time-tested.

Learning about the market and technical analysis takes time so to learn faster trading safe coins is a great option.

🔸  Fund your account

You can open an Orbitos account with some basic personal information and dive into trading. Start with a small amount of money. Invest the part of your savings that you can afford to lose.

🔸 Keep yourself up to date 

The cryptocurrency market is evolving very fast, and with it, new aspects come to the trade daily. To do well in trading, you should stay up to date on what is going on in the market.

Social media platforms, blogs, and news websites are great channels to get the latest information and learn useful tips. There are also other online communities. For example Reddit has become an important channel for digital currency enthusiasts. As the market changes, adjust your investments accordingly to ensure profits.

🔸 Pick a strategy

Crypto assets are a high-risk investment, and trading them based on your intuitions without a plan can lead to a loss of the capital you invested. There are many trading strategies. Choosing the best one for you needs some research time.

A trading strategy is basically an established method of planning all your trading activities. The main purpose is to prevent yourself from irrational and impulsive, emotions based decisions. Trading strategies typically set specifications for which and when trades to make, when to exit them, and how much capital you should risk on each position. Having a trading plan makes you prepared for the possible outcomes. 

🔸 Mistakes do happen

If you decide to start trading cryptocurrency to get rich quickly, you might be disappointed fast. Trading takes a lot of practice, patience, and discipline. It helps you to see what is happening in the market. Don’t be scared to make mistakes. Even professional traders make them and face losses. Trading is risky and volatile. Mistakes are not the reason to stop trading, the most important is to learn from them.

Good luck!