Why pay more & wait longer? Use crypto for cross-border payments

Ditch delays and high fees! With Orbitos, you can make secure and fast crypto payments across borders.


Customers served

Up to $200 million insurance coverage against hacks

More than 10 years of active service in crypto

Almost $10 million in assets under custody

Why crypto cross-border payments are better than traditional payments


Crypto payments

Traditional bank payments

Transaction speed

Lightning fast (minutes to hours), depending on the cryptocurrency and network congestion.

Slower (1-5 business days, sometimes longer) due to intermediary banks and currency exchange processes.


Lower fees (average 2-5 EUR), but can vary depending on the cryptocurrency.

Higher fees due to bank charges, intermediary fees, and currency conversion markups.


Wider accessibility for those without a bank account. Register, get verified and start in no time.

Requires a bank account in both sending and receiving countries.


High security through blockchain. Transactions are immutable.

Reasonably secure with encryption, but data breaches and fraud attempts are still a risk.

Settlement finality

Near-instant and irreversible (once confirmed on the blockchain).

Settlement can take days, and there is a risk of chargebacks or reversals.


Less mature regulatory landscape (lower legal threshold to become a user).

Highly regulated, which can add delays and compliance costs.

Operating Hours

Crypto networks operate 24/7/365.

Limited by banking hours and holidays.

Leave frustrating traditional bank payments and high fees behind. Experience the power of crypto with Orbitos – built for businesses.

Streamline your cross-border payments with Orbitos business account

Blazing-fast onboarding

Get verified and start using Orbitos in no time.

Transparent pricing

Know exactly what you pay upfront – no hidden fees.


Intuitive platform, no advanced crypto knowledge needed.


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How Orbitos cross-border payments solution works

Get started with Orbitos cross-border payments in minutes


Get verified (KYC)

Deposit funds (fiat or crypto)

Buy Crypto

Make transfer


In Orbitos we prioritize security!

Holding a VASP (Virtual Asset Service Provider) license.

Having funds insured against hacks.

Ensuring our clients’ funds are always 100% backed.

Conducting automated daily balance checks.

Utilizing both cold and hot wallets to maximize funds protection!

Working at Orbitos

Orbitos is a growing, user-friendly platform for crypto asset storage and management. We empower individuals and businesses to take control of their finances with state-of-the-art technology, a secure EU-regulated environment, and a focus on customer.

Why Orbitos?

In a world of evolving digital finance, Orbitos is at the forefront of the crypto-driven transformation. Our commitment to security, efficiency, and user experience is what sets us apart. We’re dedicated to providing a seamless gateway to the crypto markets that both beginners and experts can trust.

What business customers say about us

Frequently asked questions

At Orbitos, we start processing your application immediately upon receipt. The processing time depends on the prompt submission of all required documents by the client. Your cooperation in providing necessary information will help expedite the process. Usually it takes around 5 minutes for private clients and around 5 days for business clients to completely finalise their registration.

Yes, at Orbitos, we do onboard newly incorporated companies. Before onboarding clients, we assess various factors, and while the age of the company is one consideration, it’s not the sole determining factor.

No, there is no minimum balance required for opening a business account at Orbitos. We aim to provide flexibility and convenience for our clients, eliminating any minimum balance requirement.

No, at Orbitos, we believe in transparency. There are no hidden fees. All fees are clearly outlined and accessible on our webpage for your reference.

Yes, you can open a personal account with Orbitos. We offer a range of personal finance services to meet your financial needs. Feel free to explore our account options and begin the account opening process today.

85% of our business customers open their accounts in less than 7 days

100% online application.

No account opening fee, no initial deposit

Dedicated onboarding support to get your account up and running fast


Customers served